Crashing My System Again


Happy deleting data today, and before I realized it, I had uninstalled some important dependencies which are matched by wildcards. The top status bar disappeared at the very instant. However, I was the most stupid when I rebooted the machine, hoping it would be fixed somehow. Instead, the whole system, who used to be so lovely, turned its back on me.

Fortunately, I still kept the USB drive used to install the system. I plugged it in and transferred all the data I needed to a portable storage device. But there is something improper, for the whole file system is just so easily accessible, even the root directory. The passcodes you set and remember can’t protect you at all when simply a USB drive is plugged into the machine. What I found is based on Windows 10 and Elementory OS, and whether it suits for other kinds of system remains a question. On the other hand, were it not for this “feature”, my work today would be much heavier…