Find Out Where to Place Template Files in Hugo
- Jul 21

When using the Custom Output Formats feature of Hugo, it has always been a trouble for me to figure out where to place those template files, until I discovered the magic usage of option --verbose. As

JSON Feed for a Hugo Site
- Jul 21

I’ ve created a JSON feed for this site recently, in reference of the following articles: […] You can use JSON Feed Validator to validate a generated JSON feed. By the way, there’s

Block App Prompting Banners in Safari?
- Mar 02

More than often, when browsing pages in Safari, I will come across this kind of annoying ads, suggesting you to download or open the related apps. This is quite annoying, especially on mobile devices,

Stupid Me
- Oct 01

How unforgivable it is that I should have missed the train leaving at 7:30 am, given my getting up at 5:30 this morning. This is all due to my unreasonable self-confidence. So much trivial things that

Disable .DS_Store in Git
- Sep 05

Mostly from a related question in Stack Overflow: