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Just another personal blog built for fun. Why this title? Cause there’s nothing else in my mind back then. Besides, It is a cool name, isn’t it? A grizzly loves salmon, and I love it too. No comment system is embedded currently, cause there are only very few visitors. And it would really embarrass me to leave an empty comment area after every post :P. Send a mail to hey if you do wanna contact me.

Enable Full Content RSS
- Sep 05

I myself am a RSS lover, and of course, feeds of full content are always preferred. However, hugo has changed its built-in rss template from full content to summary only since 0.20, which seems

Crashing My System Again
- Jul 18

Happy deleting data today, and before I realized it, I had uninstalled some important dependencies which are matched by wildcards. The top status bar disappeared at the very instant. However, I was

How to Delete Files That Can’t be Deleted by Root
- May 05

I had been testing to build WordPress on my VPS. After a successful experiment, I decided to restore the previous snapshot and make another clean installation with fewer mistakes. And that’s